The simplest way to get your whole family on the same page

Shared calendars, shared grocery lists and shared to-do lists.

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Shared Calendars

Mismo brings Google, Apple or Outlook Web calendars together in one shared space, so everyone is on the same page.

Shared Grocery Lists

A simple shared grocery list that will never let you forget an item. No more forgotten lists on the refrigerator.

To-do and Honey-do Lists

No more nagging, no more arguing. And no one can say they ``forgot`` with easy shared to-do lists.

Mismo on iPhone

Your Day Just Got a Whole Lot

With mismo, syncing up all of your familiy's calendars is simple and easy to view in one place. That means no more forgetting appointments, games, meetings or events. Our simple interface allows you to see each family member's schedule with unique color coding to let you know who is doing what and when.

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Grocery Shopping Without

Grocery shopping can be a hassle when family members are not on the same page. With mismo you'll never forget a grocery item and you'll never ``forget`` your list at home.